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Single Family Homes Vs Condos Post Coronavirus

Single Family Homes Vs Condos Post Coronavirus

After the global pandemic comes to an end, single family homes will become highly in demand in the real estate market. The majority of condo owners dealing with the restrictions, and issues occurring right now due to the coronavirus are having second thoughts about owning or renting a condo.

Here are some of the various reasons why:

1. Social distancing makes it really difficult to be able to arrive and leave one’s condo unit due to the limitation of three people allowed in an elevator at one time. This makes waiting for the elevator to leave your building a timely and stressful situation, unless it is a low level open air type of building with outdoor stairs. Most of these buildings that have these features are older construction and have less amenities, but in a time like this it makes social distancing a lot easier, and less complicated.

2. Construction issues in most buildings have rules and regulations from their associations regarding when construction can or cannot be carried out. Right now many home owners are able to do their own renovations without these types of restrictions. Home depot, and Lowes are two of the only home improvement stores open nationwide during this crisis, which gives people a sense of normalcy during this epidemic that allows property owners to pre-occupy their days with home improvement projects.

3. Condo amenities have all been shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which makes it extremely difficult to establish a normal routine. All gyms, pools, clubhouses, and other social building gatherings have been ordered to close.

4. Not having a yard, balcony to exercise, or being able to breather fresh air can be very annoying in times like these when one is restricted from leaving his or her apartment.

5. Condos have very small living quarters, and when there are multiple people constrained to a limited space, this can end up creating frustration, arguments, stress, tensions, and negavity.

6. Running the risk of having your condo building quarantined when one person is diagnosed positive with the coronovirus makes it very frustrating, and difficult as they will be ordered into a lockdown by local governments. For pet owners, their concern is that if the building is quarantined, how will they ever be able to take care of their pets without having access to their condo building.

These six points listed above are just a few of the many other issues present with the current coronavirus guidelines and restrictions. Due to the current restrictive measures being imposed upon society and their living situations, single family living will become the new norm.

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