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Real estate market in miami during the effects of the Coronavirus

Real estate market in miami during the effects of the Coronavirus

We will get through this terrible epidemic, somehow, someway together. Follow the advisories from the local state and federal governments, as well as the CDC, and take all necessary precautions. Together we will prevail through these trying times. We will once again re-build our economic infrastructure, and bring back society to its normalcy. We have a very trying time ahead of us. No one really has a definite timeline of when this virus will start to subside. The Real estate market in Miami will be stronger than ever once this pandemic subsides.

Now more than ever is the time to take into consideration relocating. Moving from crowded central areas to the suburbs is the new normal. Our society has now changed forever. Living in the midst of crowded mass populations is no longer an attractive idea. Less crowded areas should be taken into serious consideration.

The greatest advantages of moving to less crowded suburban areas such as the real estate market in Miami include the following.

When there are less people in public areas, the lower the chances of being exposed to viruses and bacteria. There are many areas in Miami that can cater to the current living situations that are occurring worldwide.

Self sustainable living could become the new norm. This pandemic we are experiencing is forcing people to become more independent and off the grid. People are growing their own fruits, and vegetables, and even considering in owning certain farm animals. For example, having cows to produce dairy, and chickens to providing eggs.

(Take advantage of the agricultural classification in Miami, which allows for tax exemption)

One is less exposed to harmful vehicle emissions by living farther away from highly populated areas. These emissions are less present in the suburbs, and exist less in cities in Miami, such as Homestead, and the Redlands.

Cities can often create high anxiety levels due to congested traffic. Living a more rural life can make it easier on a lot of people’s mental well being and health. Working from home has become the new norm living through this pandemic. Highly populated areas may experience reductions in their populations.

Due to the situation that we are all experiencing, we will see more people leaving such high populated areas. This will cause people to move into rural parts of major cities such as Coral Gables, and Pinecrest.

This virus will teach us that we are capable of adapting to a totally different lifestyle. We will be more prepared for another global pandemic if it where to occur again. These are the reasons above why mass majorities of people will be leaving high populated cities. They will consider moving into single family homes where there is more land available to socially distance and isolate. The Real estate market in Miami will be in demand more than than ever due the highlighted points discussed in this article.

We are all in this together, stay in, self isolate, and practice social distancing as much as possible to keep the spread of covid19 from any further.

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